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TTR POLYMER PRODUCTS is having a manufacturing base in AHMEDABAD, Gujrat, India. The manufacturing unit is well equipped with all necessary machines and equipments in house.
Our entire staff is well-conversant with plastic technology. Moreover, government plastic institute like CIPET is located in Ahmedabad. All these parameters are in help to us for manufacturing quality products.
Our each product is never copied from popular items running fast in the market. But we develop each item by our technical staff, keeping actual use in view. Hence design of our each product is unique and better in quality compared to others.
Our Target is to Provide Better Substitute of S.S. valves and Cocks. Because the valves and cocks available in market which are made from S.S. material, are of poor quality. The stainless steel material being used is very poor, as Nickel content is never as per ISO standards.
Please be aware of the fact that S.S. of CF8 grade is suitable to human beings. Because of higher cost of S.S. CF8, no any manufacturer is using the actual grade of S.S. Due to insufficient percentage of Nickel in S.S. valves and Cocks ,they are harmful to human life as the minerals and acid or alkali in water react with the metal. If the S.S. which is used for cocks may be of CF8 grade, then it is okay, otherwise minerals in the water effect and react the metal, and this is very harmful to human life. It is experience that most of the valves & cocks do not last more than 6 months to 1 year.
But due to market competition, most of the cocks manufacturers are using S.S. containing Nickel less than 1 %, because of this fact, the valves & cocks presently available in market is harmful to human life. This is why we talk about better substitute of S.S.
The above fact leads us to manufacture our valve & cocks from better engineering Plastic material. We are using engineering plastic material like PTMT, ABS, PBT, HIPS depending upon actual application of product.
The outer look of our product is achieved with help of Cubic Printing Technology. The figure of wood and marble is protected by applying luster of high quality Lacquer which last lifetime.

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